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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Rober Bilodeau and Criminal Conduct at Supreme Court of Canada Exposed by Vancouver Resident Robert Stark

Roger Bilodeau, Q.C. 
When Vancouver resident, Robert Stark, wrote a letter to Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin of the Supreme Court of Canada asking what he should do about evidence of judicial corruption in the British Columbia Court of Appeal, that allegedly involved an inappropriate relationship between B.C. Court of Appeal Chief Justice, Lance Finch, and the Registrar of that court, Jennifer Jordon, he was shocked when he received a reply from the Supreme Court of Canada that was signed by Suzanne Sarrizan purportedly as the Registrar of the Supreme Court of Canada instead of being signed by Roger Bilodeau.

The Criminal Code of Canada sets out the following offence:

130. (1) Everyone commits an offence who
  • (a) falsely represents himself to be a peace officer or a public officer; or
A few days later, a Vancouver based investigative journalist placed a telephone call to the court and verified that Roger Bilodeau was still the Registrar.  In the telephone call, Roger Bilodeau refused to disclose whether or not he was a Freemason, so it is safe to presume that Bilodeau is a Freemason and that he was helping some of his corrupt brothers from Vancouver when he tossed out the Sydel case.

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The reader can go to the Supreme Court of Canada web site and verify that on October 23 2102 Roger Bilodeau was reported to be the Registrar of the Supreme Court of Canada.

Click here to verify Bilodeau is the Registrar at Supreme Court of Canada

A copy of the letter signed by Susanne Sazazin, as Registrar, and addressed to Robert Stark is reproduced below.

So, what is going on and why is Suzanne Sarrizan breaking the law and pretending to be the Registrar  of the Supreme Court of Canada, a public officer, when she is not the Registrar in violation of section 130 of the Criminal Code of Canada?   

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