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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Rober Bilodeau and Criminal Conduct at Supreme Court of Canada Exposed by Vancouver Resident Robert Stark

Roger Bilodeau, Q.C. 
When Vancouver resident, Robert Stark, wrote a letter to Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin of the Supreme Court of Canada asking what he should do about evidence of judicial corruption in the British Columbia Court of Appeal, that allegedly involved an inappropriate relationship between B.C. Court of Appeal Chief Justice, Lance Finch, and the Registrar of that court, Jennifer Jordon, he was shocked when he received a reply from the Supreme Court of Canada that was signed by Suzanne Sarrizan purportedly as the Registrar of the Supreme Court of Canada instead of being signed by Roger Bilodeau.

The Criminal Code of Canada sets out the following offence:

130. (1) Everyone commits an offence who
  • (a) falsely represents himself to be a peace officer or a public officer; or
A few days later, a Vancouver based investigative journalist placed a telephone call to the court and verified that Roger Bilodeau was still the Registrar.  In the telephone call, Roger Bilodeau refused to disclose whether or not he was a Freemason, so it is safe to presume that Bilodeau is a Freemason and that he was helping some of his corrupt brothers from Vancouver when he tossed out the Sydel case.

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The reader can go to the Supreme Court of Canada web site and verify that on October 23 2102 Roger Bilodeau was reported to be the Registrar of the Supreme Court of Canada.

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A copy of the letter signed by Susanne Sazazin, as Registrar, and addressed to Robert Stark is reproduced below.

So, what is going on and why is Suzanne Sarrizan breaking the law and pretending to be the Registrar  of the Supreme Court of Canada, a public officer, when she is not the Registrar in violation of section 130 of the Criminal Code of Canada?   

Wilfred Doyle Claims Roger Bilodeau Acted Corruptly to Protect Prince Edward Island Judges and Lawyers

Roger Bilodeau, Q.C
Wilfred Doyle, a farmer from Prince Edward Island, claims that Roger Bilodeau did not follow the law when he unilaterally, acting, without authority and jurisdiciton, refused to submit his Motion for Reconsideration to the Supreme Court of Canada for a hearing after Mr. Doyle claimed that Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin broke the law by hearng his application for leave to appeal when she should not have been on the panel that heard that application due to a clear conflict of interest.

Canada's Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin has a notorious national and international reputaiton as the most corrupt Chief Justice in the history of Canada.  She was appointed to her position because she was prepared to cover up corruption by former Canadian Prime Minister, Jean Chretien.

The illegal method used by Roger Bilodeau against Wilfred Doyle was exactly the same technique he used against Mr. Carten and Ms. Gibbs in the Water War Crimes case and against Dr. Eva Sydel in her case involving outlaw Freemasonry in Vancouver.  All three cases claimed corruption and criminal acts by judges and lawyers in Canada's notoriously crooked legal system where all judges are appointed by politicians and where some of those renegade judges and lawyers have orgainzed themselves into criminal gangs not unlike the mafia or the Hells Angels.  

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Roger Bilodeau and the Water War Crimes - Canada`s Biggest Scandal

Roger Bilideau, Q.C. 
The Water War Crimes are the crimes carried out by political, legal, judicial and business insiders, in Canada, who attempted to swindle control of a bulk water export monopoly over the export of fresh water from Canada to the United States and Mexico, the subsequent viscious personal attack on the British Columbia lawyer who blew the whistle by the Governments of Canada and British Columbia because he was embarked on a course that would expose these crimes and the criminals to the light of day, and the dispicable attack upon the lady who was seen to be assisting him.
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When the case finally made itts way to the Supreme Court of Canada, Roger Bilodeau, attempted to obstruct the course of justice by using the same illegal and unautorized procedure that he used against Dr. Eva Sydel, of British Columbia, and Wilfred Doyle, of Prince Edward Island. 

In the process he contributed to the murder of Federal Court of Appeal Justice Carolym Layden Stevenson on June 27, 2012 and the subsequent murder of Canadian Department of Justice lawyer Eric Noel, on July 16, 2012.  Had the case been permitted to proceed, as it should have, it is highly unlikely these two murders would have occurred and, in the Editor's opinion,  Roger Bilodeau was  acting as an agent of the gang that ordered the murders.   

Revenue Canada 666 Claims Roger Bilodeau Favours Freemasons

Roger Bilodeau, Q.C.  
".... we think Roger the Registrar is a sneak and that he is intentionally interferring with the administration of justice because on June 19, 2012 Roger the Registrar wrote to Dr. Sydel`s lawyer, Mr. Richard Hendery of Vancouver, B.C., and informed him that he (Roger the Registrar) he was returning all the documents that had been filed in support of the exceedingly rare Motion to Reconsider because in Roger the Registrar`s opinion there was nothing exceedingly rare about a bunch of Freemason judges being crooks and fixing law cases to benefit their pals and in Roger the Registrar`s opinion there was nothing extraordinary about the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Beverley McLachlin, twisting herself into knots and breaking Supreme Court of Canada protocol so she could personally protect the Freemason judges in the Vancovuer Courthouse. 

We suppose in Roger the Registrar's opinion that Freemason's fixing cases to benefit their brothers and putting innocent people in jail is so common that it does not constitute an ``exceedingly rare circumstance`` to qualify for a Motion for Reconsideration and we also suppose that the conduct of Chief Justice McLachlin breaking the rules of court to help dirty Freemason judges who have been caught committing crimes is so common that her mis-conduct also does not constitute an exceedingly rare circumstance meriting reconsideration by the Court.

The only problem for Roger the Registrar is that what he has done is illegal because he does not have any authority under the Supreme Court Of Canada Act or the Supreme Court of Canada Rules of Court to make the determination of what kinds of cases are exceedingly rare and which are not because that is a function of the judges of the court who take a solemn judicial oath and not a lowly government bureaucrat like Roger the Registrar, Q.C.

In fact, in 2001, when the Supreme Court of Canada Rules Committee was considering a rule change that would have conferred such a power on the Registrar, the Canadian Bar Association, strongly objected and 
a result of the submission by the Canadian Bar Association Court Liason Committee, the proposed amendment was not made to the Supreme Court of Canada Rules and the Registrar was not given the power that Roger the Registrar attempted to use.  

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Val Guillaume Claims Registrar Roger Bilodeau Acted Corruptly

On her blog that describes her difficulties in Canada's corrupt court system, Canadian resident, Val Guillaume, tells a harrowing tale of systemic abuse, bias and corruption against all levels of the Canadian justice system.

Finally, like many innocent victims of state abuse in Canada, Ms. Guillaume brought her claim to Canada's highest court the Supreme Court of Canada only to learn that the Supreme Court of Canada was a cover up mechanism operated by Governments in Canada so that its officials are free to abuses Canadian citizens, so that Canada can retends it has a justice system where citizens can seek redress, and then allowing Governments in Canada to further abuse those citizens in what is laughingly called a justice system . Val Guillaume accuses Roger Bilodeau of acting corruptly to deny her access to justice - a common accusation by innocent Canadians victims of the organized criminal gangs operating inside their justice system. 

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Roger Bilodeau, Q.C., the Registrar of the Supreme Court of Canada Breaks the Law

Registrar Roger Bilodeau, Q.C. 
This Blog is dedicated to telling the story of Roger Bilodeau, Q.C., (Shown in photo on the right) who was appointed the Registrar of the Supreme Court of Canada on March 2, 2009 and, since his appointment, he has proved himself to be either incompetent or corrupt or both on at least four separate occasions.

This blog is dedicated to exposing Roger Bilodeau as simply another crooked or incompetent judicial official in Canada where the judiciary, from coast to coast and from the lowest court to the highest court, is riddled with nepotism, patronage, corruption and incompetence.

We are just beginning to accumulate evidence that we believe will prove that Roger Bilodeau is part of a criminal orgainzation operating inside Canada's court system.  If you. the reader have more evidence about corrupt practices by Roger Bilodeau please contact us at the email address provided on in the Contact Us element on the sidebar to the right.