Supreme Court of Canada

Supreme Court of Canada
Registrar Roger

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Val Guillaume Claims Registrar Roger Bilodeau Acted Corruptly

On her blog that describes her difficulties in Canada's corrupt court system, Canadian resident, Val Guillaume, tells a harrowing tale of systemic abuse, bias and corruption against all levels of the Canadian justice system.

Finally, like many innocent victims of state abuse in Canada, Ms. Guillaume brought her claim to Canada's highest court the Supreme Court of Canada only to learn that the Supreme Court of Canada was a cover up mechanism operated by Governments in Canada so that its officials are free to abuses Canadian citizens, so that Canada can retends it has a justice system where citizens can seek redress, and then allowing Governments in Canada to further abuse those citizens in what is laughingly called a justice system . Val Guillaume accuses Roger Bilodeau of acting corruptly to deny her access to justice - a common accusation by innocent Canadians victims of the organized criminal gangs operating inside their justice system. 

Click here to read more about Val Guillaume and Registrar Bilodeau

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