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Supreme Court of Canada
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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Revenue Canada 666 Claims Roger Bilodeau Favours Freemasons

Roger Bilodeau, Q.C.  
".... we think Roger the Registrar is a sneak and that he is intentionally interferring with the administration of justice because on June 19, 2012 Roger the Registrar wrote to Dr. Sydel`s lawyer, Mr. Richard Hendery of Vancouver, B.C., and informed him that he (Roger the Registrar) he was returning all the documents that had been filed in support of the exceedingly rare Motion to Reconsider because in Roger the Registrar`s opinion there was nothing exceedingly rare about a bunch of Freemason judges being crooks and fixing law cases to benefit their pals and in Roger the Registrar`s opinion there was nothing extraordinary about the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Beverley McLachlin, twisting herself into knots and breaking Supreme Court of Canada protocol so she could personally protect the Freemason judges in the Vancovuer Courthouse. 

We suppose in Roger the Registrar's opinion that Freemason's fixing cases to benefit their brothers and putting innocent people in jail is so common that it does not constitute an ``exceedingly rare circumstance`` to qualify for a Motion for Reconsideration and we also suppose that the conduct of Chief Justice McLachlin breaking the rules of court to help dirty Freemason judges who have been caught committing crimes is so common that her mis-conduct also does not constitute an exceedingly rare circumstance meriting reconsideration by the Court.

The only problem for Roger the Registrar is that what he has done is illegal because he does not have any authority under the Supreme Court Of Canada Act or the Supreme Court of Canada Rules of Court to make the determination of what kinds of cases are exceedingly rare and which are not because that is a function of the judges of the court who take a solemn judicial oath and not a lowly government bureaucrat like Roger the Registrar, Q.C.

In fact, in 2001, when the Supreme Court of Canada Rules Committee was considering a rule change that would have conferred such a power on the Registrar, the Canadian Bar Association, strongly objected and 
a result of the submission by the Canadian Bar Association Court Liason Committee, the proposed amendment was not made to the Supreme Court of Canada Rules and the Registrar was not given the power that Roger the Registrar attempted to use.  

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