Supreme Court of Canada

Supreme Court of Canada
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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wilfred Doyle Claims Roger Bilodeau Acted Corruptly to Protect Prince Edward Island Judges and Lawyers

Roger Bilodeau, Q.C
Wilfred Doyle, a farmer from Prince Edward Island, claims that Roger Bilodeau did not follow the law when he unilaterally, acting, without authority and jurisdiciton, refused to submit his Motion for Reconsideration to the Supreme Court of Canada for a hearing after Mr. Doyle claimed that Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin broke the law by hearng his application for leave to appeal when she should not have been on the panel that heard that application due to a clear conflict of interest.

Canada's Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin has a notorious national and international reputaiton as the most corrupt Chief Justice in the history of Canada.  She was appointed to her position because she was prepared to cover up corruption by former Canadian Prime Minister, Jean Chretien.

The illegal method used by Roger Bilodeau against Wilfred Doyle was exactly the same technique he used against Mr. Carten and Ms. Gibbs in the Water War Crimes case and against Dr. Eva Sydel in her case involving outlaw Freemasonry in Vancouver.  All three cases claimed corruption and criminal acts by judges and lawyers in Canada's notoriously crooked legal system where all judges are appointed by politicians and where some of those renegade judges and lawyers have orgainzed themselves into criminal gangs not unlike the mafia or the Hells Angels.  

Click here to see Supreme Court of Canada docket 34728 in the Wilfred Doyle case

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