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Supreme Court of Canada
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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Will Federal Court Justice Catherine Kane Be Murdered By the Same Gang That Murdered Justice Carolyn Layden Stevenson?


The Editors think that the Freemason corruption in the British Columbia court system and at the Supreme Court of Canada may soon result in another judicial murder in Canada.

Freemason Registrar Roger Bilodeau (shown in centre photo) is accused of protecting Freemason Judges in Vancouver by obstruction of justice. 
In a case that was heard in the Federal Court of Canada on October 21, 2013 before Justice Catherine Kane (shown in photo on left) the future career of Roger Bilodeau and the continuance of a Freemason controlled criminal gang inside Canada's courts is at stake. 

British Columbia lawyer Richard Hendery argued that the Supreme Court of Canada Registrar Roger Bilodeau acted without any legal authority when he refused to permit his client to file her application for reconsideration with the Supreme Court of Canada.  

Registrar Bilodeau
is accused of similar mis-conduct in other cases including the notorious
Water War Crimes case where insiders with the Canadian Government arranged the murder of former Canadian Federal Court of Appeal Justice Carolyn Layden Stevenson (shown in photo on right).
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Department of Justice lawyer Kirat Khalsa
argued that a "Registrar" was the same as a "Judge" and that "Registrar" has the power to decides cases just like "Judges" and dismiss cases from being heard just like "Judges".

Members of the audience audibly groaned and Justice Kane winced when Ms. Khalsa made the illogical argument.

Intelligent observers are now worried about the physical safety of Justice Catherine Kane.  If she breaks the law and protects Freemason Roger Bilodeau the decision will obviously have been "cooked" because, under the law, Roger Bilodeau is only a "registrar" and he is not a "judge" or a "court" and he has no power to make decisions reserved for "judges" or the "court".

If Justice Catherine Kane makes a "cooked" decision then there is a high probability that she will be murdered by those same insiders who murdered former Federal Court of Appeal Justice Carolyn Layden Stevenson who was lured into a similar "death trap".
In Canada it not uncommon for insiders with the government to murder judges

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