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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Unelected and Crooked Chief Justice McLachlin Accused of Improper Conduct By Canadian Prime Minister

Canadian Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin
Canada's Prime Minister Harper has taken the unprecedented step of accusing Canada's Chief Justice of improper conduct.

This story could get really messy because the unelected  unaccountable Chief Justice, a woman who goes by the name Beverley McLachlin, is widely regarded as the most corrupt and most crooked Chief Justice in Canadian legal history.

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McLachlin was appointed to her position by the notorious Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien who was forced from office amid corruption scandals including a brazenly corrupt interference with the administration of justice in the British Columbia court system carried out to cover up Chretien's role (and other political figures) in the attempted looting of British Columbia's water export revenues. 

All water in British Columbia is considered property that is held "in trust" by Canada's Head of State, Queen Elizabeth, for the benefit of the public and it is a criminal offence for the Queen or her servants to convert that property to their own use and benefit.   

McLachlin, a former member of British Columbia judiciary, was appointed to the position of Chief Justice of Canada to insure that the dirt about Prime Minister Chretien and the crooked judges he appointed in British Columbia was kept secret and away from the public.

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Over the past several years, a number of judges and lawyers who were witnesses to that corruption have been murdered and there is a school of legal opinion that regards McLachlin as a key player in those murders

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Canada's has some fines jurists but the state administration of justice in Canada continues to be plagued by an antiquated court system developed in medieval England that was used to suppress, loot and tax the Anglo / Saxon / Danish tribes who inhabited England while, at the same time, enriching the military conquerors (French Normans) of England who parcelled the land up among their themselves.  The same system was later used in all English colonies, such as Canada, where it continues to be a real impediment to the administration of true justice. 

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  1. Ottawa has lots of crooked cops, judges and lawyers. Athena Basta for example is one of the many crooked lawyers in Ottawa.