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Friday, October 9, 2015


Public Inquiry Canada

September 25, 2015

The Right Honourable Stephen Harper, MP, PC
Prime Minister of Canada
Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON
Canada K1A 0A2

Dear Prime Minister Harper:

 This letter is a respectful request for an immediate Public Inquiry regarding the infiltration of a Freemason network into government services. This extended inter-provincial network is operating as a white-collar criminal gang inside government, by abusing the authority they hold in their public service jobs.

Freemasons assist other Freemasons as a working network, so official government agents are committing criminal offences in order to perform favours on request from other Freemasons. Their loyalties are to the Freemason network; not to the taxpayers who are funding the operation of government.
Few people even know what Freemasonry really is, because it is not discussed in mainstream news media ....
Click here to see complete letter and list of some Freemason Mafia members in British Columbia. 

Editors Note: The above letter was published online by a woman who found herself the victim of Freemason British Columbia Attorney General Ujjal Dosanjh and his Freemason allies.  As she investigated the background of the persons who acted against her she found that the common denominator was their membership in Freemasonry or their alliance with Freemasons. 

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Was Chief Justice Edmond Blanchard Murdered because of his knowledge of judicial corruption at the Supreme Court of Canada?

On June 27, 2014 Canadian Court Martial Appeal Court Chief Justice, Edmond Blanchard, from New Brunswick, Canada, first made a Federal Court Judge by the Liberal Government of Jean Chretien in 2000 and then Chief Justice of the Court Martial Appeal Court in 2004, died of sudden onset cancer.

Click here to read Canadian Press story on the death of Edmond Blanchard

On June 27, 2012,Federal Court of Appeal Justice Carolyn Layden-Stevenson, from New Brunswick, Canada, first made a Federal Court Judge by the Liberal Government of Jean Chretien in 2002, died of sudden onset cancer.

Click here to read Globe and Mail story on the death of Carolyn Layden Stevenson 
So what is going on here?  

Basically Carolyn Layden-Stevenson and Edmond Blanchard  were part of the same judicial New

Justice Layden-Stevenson

Brunswick legal beagles appointed to the small Federal Court system in Ottawa.

They both died of sudden onset cancer and both on the same day, June 27, albeit two years apart, 2012 and 2014. 

They were both relatively young, both connected to the Liberal Party of Prime Minister Chretien and they were both dead within a relatively short time of each other.

Yep, it sure looks weird but when you add in the fact that Carolyn was the 12th in a series of judges directly involved on the Water War Crimes who suddenly died from unnatural natural causes and when you add in the fact cancer has been weaponized and can be used as a tool by murderers and executioners to get rid of unwanted people then it all begins to look more strange and this strangeness is heightened when you realize that Carolyn was murdered and then, logically and rationally, you, us, we must begin to wonder whether or not Justice Blanchard was murdered too?

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Forensic experts believe that Carolyn Layden-Stevenson was murdered in order to cover up the identity of those involved in the Water War Crimes.

Click here to read about the role of Carolyn Layden Stevenson in the Water War Crimes 

Readers are asked to keep an open mind and if they have any evidence that suggests Justice Edmond Blanchard was murdered please share that evidence with the appropriate authorities and, if they think appropriate with the Editors of this blog.

But what has this got to do with the Roger Bilodeau the reader may be asking

Well, it has quite a bit to do with the Roger Bilodeau but the reader needs to know some other facts about Edmond Blanchard to understand how he is connected to the Roger Bilodeau because Roger Bilodeau is not just an "average citizen" but he is the Registrar at Canada's top court where he has done a very effective but corrupt job blocking cases from being presented to the court when those cases involved allegations of judicial corruption in Canada and when Roger Bilodeau acted contrary to the law some of the people abused by him on various parts of Canada filed complaints with some people in Ottawa Canada's capital city where Justice Edmond Blanchard was a very senior guy. 

At the time of his death he was the Chief Justice of the Canadian Court Martial Appeals Court a position to which he was appointed in 2004. 

The Canadian Court Martial Appeals Court handles some of Canada's most sensitive legal cases that from time to time involve top level national defence secrets. Due to his position it is safe to assume that Chief Justice Blanchard would have had top level security clearance

In addition, at the time of his death, Justice Blanchard was the Vice Chair of the Judicial Conduct Committee of the Canadian Judicial Council another highly important committee that is privy to some of the darkest secrets about judicial corruption in Canada.  The Chairperson of that Committee is Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin (shown in photo on left) who was an early player in the judicial corruption that loomed large in one of Canada's greatest scandals the Water War Crimes.  Roger Bilodeau works for Beverley McLachlin and she and her controllers tells Roger what to do. 

Click here to read about Chief Justice McLachlin and the Water War Crimes.

Eventually the growing number of complaints about Roger Bilodeau and his boss, Beverley McLachlin ended up on the desk of Justice Blanchard the Vice Chair of the Judicial Council. 

So, was Chief Justice Edmond Blanchard a "good guy" doing his job who was silenced by agents of the controllers of Canada's Chief Justice Beverlay McLachlin who were afraid their whole ungodly scheme of judicial corruption that spans the width and breadth of Canada would come crashing down.

Or, was Chief Justice Edmond Blanchard a "bad guy" deeply connected to the Canadian legal and judicial mafia who was executed by "higher powers" because he violated his oath and was protecting his legal and judicial pals in Canada's judicial and legal mafia?

The investigation is continuing and readers are encouraged to keep an open mind and return to these pages for more information when it emerges.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Unelected and Crooked Chief Justice McLachlin Accused of Improper Conduct By Canadian Prime Minister

Canadian Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin
Canada's Prime Minister Harper has taken the unprecedented step of accusing Canada's Chief Justice of improper conduct.

This story could get really messy because the unelected  unaccountable Chief Justice, a woman who goes by the name Beverley McLachlin, is widely regarded as the most corrupt and most crooked Chief Justice in Canadian legal history.

Click here to view media story

McLachlin was appointed to her position by the notorious Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien who was forced from office amid corruption scandals including a brazenly corrupt interference with the administration of justice in the British Columbia court system carried out to cover up Chretien's role (and other political figures) in the attempted looting of British Columbia's water export revenues. 

All water in British Columbia is considered property that is held "in trust" by Canada's Head of State, Queen Elizabeth, for the benefit of the public and it is a criminal offence for the Queen or her servants to convert that property to their own use and benefit.   

McLachlin, a former member of British Columbia judiciary, was appointed to the position of Chief Justice of Canada to insure that the dirt about Prime Minister Chretien and the crooked judges he appointed in British Columbia was kept secret and away from the public.

Click here to read more about the corrupt Beverley McLachlin

Over the past several years, a number of judges and lawyers who were witnesses to that corruption have been murdered and there is a school of legal opinion that regards McLachlin as a key player in those murders

Click here to read more about murder in Canada's Courts.

Canada's has some fines jurists but the state administration of justice in Canada continues to be plagued by an antiquated court system developed in medieval England that was used to suppress, loot and tax the Anglo / Saxon / Danish tribes who inhabited England while, at the same time, enriching the military conquerors (French Normans) of England who parcelled the land up among their themselves.  The same system was later used in all English colonies, such as Canada, where it continues to be a real impediment to the administration of true justice. 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Curse of the Irish and the coming Disfigurement or Death of Canadian Federal Court Judge Catherine Kane

Catherine Kane - Under an Irish Curse  
On November 4, 2013, Justice Catherine Kane of Canada's Federal Court gave rendered a false and unjust judgment in a case involving allegations of improper conduct by Supreme  Court of Canada Registrar, Roger Bilodeau. 

According to the Brehon Laws of Ireland that continue to apply Irish descended women, like Catherine Kane, a divine power keeps watch over their pronouncements to punish them for unjust judgements :

According to Irish history sources: 

Carolyn Layden-Stevenson DEAD
"When the brehons (Irish Judges) deviated from the truth, there appeared blotches upon their cheeks" .... and often death would follow.

This was the fate suffered by Federal Court of Appeal Justice Carolyn Layden-Stevenson, another Irish descended woman, who died June 27, 2012 after giving a false and unjust judgement on February 8, 2012.   

In the Editors opinion, Justice Catherine Kane delivered a false judgment in order to protect a group of Freemason criminals operating inside the Canadian court system including Supreme
Court of Canada Registrar, Roger Bilodeau.

Readers should keep their eyes on Justice Catherine Kane for the physiological disfigurement or possible sudden death that will necessarily arise from her "deviation from the truth" and her giving a false judgment. 

This is the law of cause and effect.  This law cannot be avoided.  

In a related case another Irish descended judge, British Columbia Provincial Court Judge John Lenaghan, delivered a false and unjust  judgement on November 5, 2013 and the readers can expect that Judge John Lenaghan will also soon suffer the same "curse of the Irish" and will soon display physical disfigurement or sudden death.

Editors Note:  We request that anyone who has a photo of Judge John Lenaghan to please send us a copy at 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Will Federal Court Justice Catherine Kane Be Murdered By the Same Gang That Murdered Justice Carolyn Layden Stevenson?


The Editors think that the Freemason corruption in the British Columbia court system and at the Supreme Court of Canada may soon result in another judicial murder in Canada.

Freemason Registrar Roger Bilodeau (shown in centre photo) is accused of protecting Freemason Judges in Vancouver by obstruction of justice. 
In a case that was heard in the Federal Court of Canada on October 21, 2013 before Justice Catherine Kane (shown in photo on left) the future career of Roger Bilodeau and the continuance of a Freemason controlled criminal gang inside Canada's courts is at stake. 

British Columbia lawyer Richard Hendery argued that the Supreme Court of Canada Registrar Roger Bilodeau acted without any legal authority when he refused to permit his client to file her application for reconsideration with the Supreme Court of Canada.  

Registrar Bilodeau
is accused of similar mis-conduct in other cases including the notorious
Water War Crimes case where insiders with the Canadian Government arranged the murder of former Canadian Federal Court of Appeal Justice Carolyn Layden Stevenson (shown in photo on right).
Click here to read about murder of Justice Carolyn Layden-Stevenson
Click here to read about more corruption by Roger Bilodeau

Department of Justice lawyer Kirat Khalsa
argued that a "Registrar" was the same as a "Judge" and that "Registrar" has the power to decides cases just like "Judges" and dismiss cases from being heard just like "Judges".

Members of the audience audibly groaned and Justice Kane winced when Ms. Khalsa made the illogical argument.

Intelligent observers are now worried about the physical safety of Justice Catherine Kane.  If she breaks the law and protects Freemason Roger Bilodeau the decision will obviously have been "cooked" because, under the law, Roger Bilodeau is only a "registrar" and he is not a "judge" or a "court" and he has no power to make decisions reserved for "judges" or the "court".

If Justice Catherine Kane makes a "cooked" decision then there is a high probability that she will be murdered by those same insiders who murdered former Federal Court of Appeal Justice Carolyn Layden Stevenson who was lured into a similar "death trap".
In Canada it not uncommon for insiders with the government to murder judges

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Rober Bilodeau and Criminal Conduct at Supreme Court of Canada Exposed by Vancouver Resident Robert Stark

Roger Bilodeau, Q.C. 
When Vancouver resident, Robert Stark, wrote a letter to Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin of the Supreme Court of Canada asking what he should do about evidence of judicial corruption in the British Columbia Court of Appeal, that allegedly involved an inappropriate relationship between B.C. Court of Appeal Chief Justice, Lance Finch, and the Registrar of that court, Jennifer Jordon, he was shocked when he received a reply from the Supreme Court of Canada that was signed by Suzanne Sarrizan purportedly as the Registrar of the Supreme Court of Canada instead of being signed by Roger Bilodeau.

The Criminal Code of Canada sets out the following offence:

130. (1) Everyone commits an offence who
  • (a) falsely represents himself to be a peace officer or a public officer; or
A few days later, a Vancouver based investigative journalist placed a telephone call to the court and verified that Roger Bilodeau was still the Registrar.  In the telephone call, Roger Bilodeau refused to disclose whether or not he was a Freemason, so it is safe to presume that Bilodeau is a Freemason and that he was helping some of his corrupt brothers from Vancouver when he tossed out the Sydel case.

Click here to learn more about Robert Stark, Rober Bilodeau and Beverley McLachlin

The reader can go to the Supreme Court of Canada web site and verify that on October 23 2102 Roger Bilodeau was reported to be the Registrar of the Supreme Court of Canada.

Click here to verify Bilodeau is the Registrar at Supreme Court of Canada

A copy of the letter signed by Susanne Sazazin, as Registrar, and addressed to Robert Stark is reproduced below.

So, what is going on and why is Suzanne Sarrizan breaking the law and pretending to be the Registrar  of the Supreme Court of Canada, a public officer, when she is not the Registrar in violation of section 130 of the Criminal Code of Canada?   

Wilfred Doyle Claims Roger Bilodeau Acted Corruptly to Protect Prince Edward Island Judges and Lawyers

Roger Bilodeau, Q.C
Wilfred Doyle, a farmer from Prince Edward Island, claims that Roger Bilodeau did not follow the law when he unilaterally, acting, without authority and jurisdiciton, refused to submit his Motion for Reconsideration to the Supreme Court of Canada for a hearing after Mr. Doyle claimed that Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin broke the law by hearng his application for leave to appeal when she should not have been on the panel that heard that application due to a clear conflict of interest.

Canada's Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin has a notorious national and international reputaiton as the most corrupt Chief Justice in the history of Canada.  She was appointed to her position because she was prepared to cover up corruption by former Canadian Prime Minister, Jean Chretien.

The illegal method used by Roger Bilodeau against Wilfred Doyle was exactly the same technique he used against Mr. Carten and Ms. Gibbs in the Water War Crimes case and against Dr. Eva Sydel in her case involving outlaw Freemasonry in Vancouver.  All three cases claimed corruption and criminal acts by judges and lawyers in Canada's notoriously crooked legal system where all judges are appointed by politicians and where some of those renegade judges and lawyers have orgainzed themselves into criminal gangs not unlike the mafia or the Hells Angels.  

Click here to see Supreme Court of Canada docket 34728 in the Wilfred Doyle case